Shelley Family Session Previews

I photographed the Shelleys about 1.5 years ago just before Emma had open heart surgery. I missed out on celebrating Emma’s recovery from that surgery because I was on maternity leave, but they still came back to me and now there’s so much to celebrate! They’re currently enjoying the longest amount of consecutive time that they’ve ever had together as a family of four, and Emma’s health has been ever progressing after a number of surgeries, interventions, and therapies! Praise God!

I admire and respect Michelle & Randy. I’ve experienced only what could be a small fraction of the terror and exhaustion of having a medically needy child. I’ve not experienced having to be away from my firstborn for extended periods of time out-of-state to make sure my second-born receives proper medical care. I’ve not had to juggle working full-time, a slew of doctor’s appointments and therapies that could equate to a near full-time job, seeing my child off to major surgery, and still manage full-time employment. I just can’t imagine…

Though I’m sure this season of having a three-nager AND a two-year-old isn’t easy at all, it was such a blessing to see how the Shelley family’s settling into their new norms and how they’re slowly coming out on the other side of such a stressful, scary period for their family.

I’ve been praying for your family, Michelle & Randy, and I’ll keep doing so! I’m so blessed to have you as examples of loving children with all you’ve got! I hope these preview captures are ones that remind you have this new, lovely season of your lives. 🙂