Cleveland Boardwalk Family Photos

I photographed Sara and Abby in the Spring for a Mommy & Me Session. Abby’s now just shy of two-years-old and isn’t a new walker anymore. It was special getting to meet and photograph the entire family on the Cleveland boardwalk this time. 🙂

I love that this business introduces me to so many amazing, talented people who inspire me. Sara’s not only a mommy to an on-the-go two-year-old, running her own small business (Cute Baby Things CO.), she’s also a 4th grade teacher! I imagine a classroom with that age is tough, but to come home to an even more energetic child after a full day of wrangling a classroom full of children is even tougher. How she had energy to get her family ready for their portrait session and chase after Abby during it, is beyond me!

Sara clearly has a knack for coordinating a family’s outfits for a photo session. She totally got what my Style Guide teaches about outfits looking the most cohesive on camera when the color palette and wardrobe pieces coordinate, but don’t actually “match.” Their outfits created visual interest and allowed each personality to shine through. Great job, Sara! 🙂

Zach works for the United State Postal Service and CAN confirm that the deal with postal workers and dogs is in fact true! Yikes. Not long before our session, he had to scale a fence to avoid someone’s dog! His love for Abby is so apparent. Though he mentioned that Abby almost always wants Mommy (Beckett’s guilty too), I’m ECSTATIC to have captured a moment of Abby loving on HIM!

Sara & Zach, I hope you enjoy these previews of your sweet family at the Cleveland boardwalk. 🙂