2020 Sunflower Limited Edition Sessions at Red’s Hay Farm

Sunflower Mini Sessions at Red’s Hay Farm in 2020 | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

These sunflower mini sessions at Red’s Hay Farm were so adorable! I almost don’t want to type much here so that you just go on and look at these captures! Ah! 🙂 But, I have to give Red’s Hay Farm a raving review!

Red’s Hay Farm clearly put in a lot of work into their sunflower field and with communicating with photographers so that we knew when peak was. The blooms were so healthy and there was a variety of height (that’s important when photographing little loves!). Almost every client mentioned that they were thankful for the wide aisles, props, vendors to shop and buy food from, and opportunity to explore the other parts of the field as part of their small admission fee. Did I mention that Kim gave each family their own sunflower? The kids LOVED it. I used their flowers as attention getters and bribes ha!

Basically sunflower mini sessions at Red’s Hay Farm is truly an EXPERIENCE, not just a quick hi-and-bye mini. None of my clients or my assistant knew about this sunflower field in Chattanooga. Each of them said they’d be returning next year. I think that speaks to the experience! 🙂

Now, enjoy these previews! They’re darling!