Sunset Rock Engagement Photos

How many of us can say we first met the love of our life when they were kids? I’m guessing not many! But, that’s how Bethanie & Austin’s story got started! Austin’s dad pastored the church they both attended as kids. Fast forward through girls and boys having “cooties,” and we find the sweet couple on their first date enjoying the warm glow of the sun at Sunset Rock on top of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. So sweet!

After two years of dating and one open-heart surgery later, Austin popped the question!!! Cue the confetti!! 🙂 This guy did his homework! He scoured Pinterest for creative ideas and collaborated with his sister to design the artwork used in the proposal! (In our opinion, any guy who’s willing to dabble in Pinterest to make something special for his lady is a keeper!) AND he had his mom’s diamond placed in Bethanie’s ring! They’re heart melting, guys! 🙂

I (Alyssa) had so much fun photographing these two’s engagement photos! I’m still not sure how I got so blessed to run a business where I get to meet and work with SUCH fun people?! Pinch me!!! Bethanie & Austin were up to try anything (even if it meant we stopped mid-trail because my photographer eye caught something, ha!). They also kept me laughing the whole time! I had to be really intentional with keeping the camera still! For real! I don’t mind that problem at all!!!

Bethanie & Austin, marriage is such a gift from God. We’re over the moon for you guys! To have such a huge role and influence in another person’s life is truly an honor. We’re praying that as you merge your lives, you experience the beautiful sacredness of marriage, that every night feels like a sleepover with your best friend (best thing ever!), and that together you are even more powerful servants for God. We can’t wait to hear more about your journey! Until then, we hope you enjoy these previews of your Sunset Rock engagement photos during such a special time of preparation 🙂