Donut Photoshoot with Family

Karli is finishing her Masters in Speech Language Pathology at Loma Linda University. Yahoo! She’s been doing her clinicals in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and staying with Katelyn. So, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture celebratory graduation photos for Karli (check out her blog post here) and family pictures, including debuts from Katelyn’s little girl, Kynlee, and husband, Kyle! Towards the end we decided to try out a little donut photoshoot for Kynlee’s first time experiencing a donut!

Sisterhood is one of life’s best gifts! Sure there’s drama and plenty of hormones, but there’s not a bond quite like it. My sister and I spent our youngest childhood years with the Pettijohn sisters, and funny enough our ages are the same! Now, the older sisters are mommies with husbands (and we can’t leave the furbabies out!), and the younger sisters are adventuring into professional adult life! Cue bittersweet tears. How special is it that I get to reconnect with childhood friends through photographing their new milestones & achievements!!

We hope these previews of our time together give you all the warm fuzzies they give us! 🙂 P.S. Don’t miss out on Kynlee’s miniature donut photoshoot! It’s a little teaser for her first birthday cake smash in August!

Donut Photoshoot Donut Photoshoot