Collegedale Greenway Session

After lots of hard work, and being across the country from family, Karli’s graduating from Loma Linda University with a Master’s in Speech Language Pathology! Woohoo!! We celebrated her graduation with a session at the Collegedale Greenway!

Karli has a special place in her heart for working with kids and has been in Chattanooga, Tennessee doing clinical hours in the school setting. After her time with the kids at school, she’s been soaking up time with her baby niece, Kynlee. Can you blame her?! Ms. Kynlee makes some precious debuts in these previews you won’t want to miss!

During Karli’s time here, we spent time together to do a mini session celebrating the occasion! Would you believe me if I said this spot is on the side of the road next to power lines?! Actually, there was even several mud puddles that I stood in for some shots! It is always so fun to challenge myself & get creative with shooting locations and posing my clients! I LOVE how much Karli trusted me and allowed me to be creative—a photographer’s dream! <3

I first met Karli when we were tots! During most of childhood, both our families lived in Florida. Her sister, Katelyn, and I are the same age, and my sister and Karli are the same age. It made for some pretty fun play dates! We’ve been begging our moms to find the youngest picture of us together (shameless plug to remind them, ha!) 🙂

So, after all this time, and after so much of life has been lived, it’s pretty cool to be spending time in Tennessee with Karli & Katelyn (who now lives about 5 minutes down the road from us with her husband and Kynlee!). It’s such a blessing how life bring people back together! And it’s even bigger blessing to be able to share my passion for photography with old friends! 🙂

Karli, I’m so excited to hear about all your future professional adventures! ! I feel like a proud sister, ha! Your line of work is SO important. I have no doubt that you’ll touch and change many lives! Your passion for helping children is so admirable! Go get ‘em girl!!! While you finish up your hours, I hope you enjoy these previews of our time at the Collegedale Greenway together. 🙂 I’m swooning over them…

Collegedale GreenwayCollegedale GreenwayCollegedale GreenwayCollegedale Greenway