Greenway Farms Family Photos

We photographed the Jorgensen’s maternity photos in August of last year. Now, the Jorgensen’s are a family of three. It’s unreal that Jackson is eight months old! What?! It was so nice to catch up with them while photographing some updated family photos at Greenway Farms. Jessie and Johnny have made transitioning into parenting look easy. We love that having an infant hasn’t stopped them from enjoying the things that were important to them as a couple before parenthood. They even went on their first camping trip with Jackson a few weeks ago! So impressive!

Jackson’s SO chill, but his developmental skills are on the move, literally! He’s assisted walking already! I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s independent and running! The joy on his face when he takes a step is so contagious! I can’t help but feel so proud and excited (proof is in all the exclamation points used in this paragraph, ha!). I’m not a squealer, but I squealed going through these photos, ha! Make sure to see him showing off his skills in the last photo! 🙂

We feel so blessed that we’re in a business where clients become friends! We’re so excited that our little boy has Jackson waiting to be buds with him once he arrives! Having parent-friends that are similar in values and parenting styles also means the world to us. We love you guys, Jessie, Johnny, and Jack! We hope these previews of our time together at Greenway Farms do justice to the joy you radiate as a family. We know they make us smile extra big 🙂