Taylor Family Session Previews

Fall Maternity Session with the Taylor Family

The Taylor family is two with baby #2 in just two weeks! So, we snuck in a maternity session that included Big Sister Hadassah and Matt. Liz worked nights in the Neonatal ICU I used to work at, but we never met until today! It’s still so cool to me how many new friends I make through photography!

Liz & Matt are such laid back, hilarious parents. Matt had me laughing so much that I had to intentionally make my shutter speed faster to compensate for movement from my laughter. If my mom brain serves me correctly, Liz is still working nights in the NICU…which is insane! I can’t imagine being so far along and having to stand on my feet for a 12-hour shift! Yikes.

Liz & Matt, it was so fun capturing these previews with you to celebrate this time in your lives. I look forward to seeing how you rock being a family of four! Take notes for me! <3