The Views at Sunset Ridge: Wedding Venue Highlight

Planning the perfect wedding can seem like a daunting task to many, I get it. Especially when it comes to choosing the perfect venue for your wedding, there are so many factors to consider. Que dizzy spell…am I right?! Location, size, amenities, and more all come into play before you can narrow down your list of potential places to tie the knot. That’s why I’d like to suggest The Views at Sunset Ridge. It’s one of the wedding venues in Chattanooga that has the BEST views. It also offers a unique blend of beauty and elegance, this wedding venue is the epitome of rustic sophistication.

As a Chattanooga wedding photographer, I am always looking for new venues to suggest to my brides and grooms. After all, the best wedding is one that represents both the couple tied together in matrimony, as well as their own unique style. When I found out about The Views at Sunset Ridge, nothing could keep me away! From its breathtaking views of the majestic mountains surrounding the Chattanooga valley to the quaint, intimate feel of the venue itself, The Views at Sunset Ridge is not only a wedding photographer’s dream but also a dream for couples who value rustic sophistication.

So, what are some of the highlights that make the Views at Sunset Ridge so perfect for weddings? Check it out.

The Views at Sunset Ridge: Wedding Venue Highlight by Alyssa Rachelle Photography

The Atmosphere

The Views at Sunset Ridge is a stunning, three-level wedding venue nestled in the mountains with picturesque views of breathtaking mountain scenery. The rustic feel of the log cabin architecture creates an atmosphere that makes your guests feel like they are in a fairytale world. The indoor and outdoor spaces offer a wide variety of scenery that can be easily transformed to fit any wedding theme, from elegant and romantic, to rustic and whimsical. The entire venue is elegantly decorated with the finest touches, right down to the chandeliers. It really could be the perfect backdrop for your fairytale wedding!

The Amenities

There is so much to offer when it comes to amenities at The Views at Sunset Ridge. Your guests will be able to enjoy the outdoor space with beautiful views of the mountains, explore trails on the property, or simply sit and take it in. The indoor space features clean lines, elegant décor, and spacious levels that are perfect for mingling with guests throughout your reception.

The Views at Sunset Ridge: Wedding Venue Highlight by Alyssa Rachelle Photography

The View

I saved this one for last because it is my absolute favorite part of The Views at Sunset Ridge. Are you sensing a theme yet? Sunsets and mountain views are my favorite part about photographing weddings, and here we have both! The sunsets right in front of the venue. It is truly a sight to behold and makes for dreamy portraits!

With all of these gorgeous features, it’s no wonder The Views at Sunset Ridge is one of the most popular wedding venues in Chattanooga. There aren’t many places with this level of service and quality throughout. If you are planning a wedding, be sure to check out their website to find out more about this awesome venue and what they have to offer.

If you need a wedding photographer, please send me a message too! I’d love to see if we’re a great fit!


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