My Top 3 Wedding Games for Your Reception

Wedding Games for wedding Reception blog post by chattanooga wedding photographer alyssa rachelle photography

As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen receptions evolve through the years. Gone are the days of only dance floors to keep guests entertained. First, there were photo booths, then food trucks, but today, there are so many fun new ideas to keep guests entertained. So, here are my top 3 wedding games for your reception that I think will make your reception stand out and help us capture fun candids! Let’s be honest, pictures and fun stories from the latest games and activities at receptions are memories you want to have captured forever!

Axe Throwing Mobile Trailer

Axe throwing has gained so much popularity over the last few years. It is tons of fun and it is a great activity for all ages. Let a mobile axe-throwing trailer come to your wedding reception. 

The trailer itself shows up and the team sets up leaving you carefree with ample time to enjoy your guests, get in on the axe-tion, and try your hand at getting a bullseye! A bride and axe throwing? Not a very common sight, but one that’s worth capturing!

Axe throwing mobile trailers are sure to emphasize safety. The throwing targets are inside safety-designed lanes on the trailer. They also feature anti-bounce borders so you are able to stand by and watch worry free!

Bonus idea: have this fun activity as an intro to the wedding weekend at your rehearsal dinner! What a way to welcome people and give them a preview of the fun ahead!

Looking for a local mobile axe-throwing trailer? Check out Mobile Axetion in Chattanooga!

Wedding Games for wedding Reception blog post by chattanooga wedding photographer alyssa rachelle photography

Face Painting Competition

I know I know…face painting and a white dress! Seems crazy, right? But let me tell you how fun and funny having a face painting competition at your wedding reception has been to see!

Leave paints out for your guests to bring to life their own designs. Include stencils and consider having a custom wedding logo or monogram stencil left out for guests to memorialize your wedding day! Face painting is the new ultimate temporary tattoo that guests can make their own!

You would be surprised to learn which guests are actually fantastic artists! Let guests show off their creations, get the DJ or band involved for a clapping vote for the winner and you have a unique one-of-a-kind event that is fun for guests of all ages

Espresso Shots

Red solo cups? What about mini espresso cups instead? If you are throwing a late-night wedding reception, a coffee bar with fun game options is the perfect addition to keep everyone celebrating into the night.

You could even set up a drinking pong game with espresso shot cups. That may be a hard shot to make but it would provide lots of fun and hours of entertainment!

In Chattanooga, there are local coffee carts that bring their mobile coffee to your wedding reception. One of the best is Comet Coffee Cart.

These are some of the newer wedding games or ideas that I’ve been seeing guests love at wedding receptions! They also make for great memories for you and new ways to enjoy your celebration besides dinner and dancing! Make sure you hire me to capture all the fun! 🙂

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