10 Ways to Use Your Engagement Photos

So, if we haven’t convinced you why you should take engagement photos in our previous post, maybe this one will. There are so many ways engagement pictures can add to your entire wedding season! Not to mention, the years after! Here are 10 ways you can use engagement photos, that make taking them a MUST!

1. Save the Dates

This is one of the most common ways to use engagement photos, and we get why. Can you imagine the big smiles on your loved ones faces as they see your beautiful (and handsome) faces on your Save the Date when they open their mailbox?!

2. Wedding Website

Raise your hand if you enjoy visiting a plain, photo-less website! Not me. Your wedding website is your loved ones’ base camp for finding out the details of your Wedding events and registry. Using your photos is a great way to make it fun and unique.

With today’s technology, you can have a photo printed on almost anything. Your options are endless. You could use them for your guestbook, personalized table numbers or seating arrangements, cake topper, centerpieces, garland of pictures, or even a reception slideshow!

4. Personalized wedding favors

Just like your options are endless for using engagement photos for your wedding décor, so are they for your wedding favors! We’ve seen favors have pictures printed on the tags, front of boxes, or even wrapped around a wine bottle.

5. Thank You Cards

Just like with your Save the Dates, using your photos for your Thank You cards adds a touch of personalization and sincerity. People tend to feel more connected to the writer when they can see a photo of them. Not only can you use photos on your cards, but you could even line your envelope with your beautiful (and handsome) faces!

6. Gifts to Family and Friends

I don’t know about you, but my grandparents hoard pictures of my siblings and me. One time, my grandfather went to pay for our meal, and a cascade of wallet-sized photos came pouring out (aw, love you Papa!). What better gift, than prints, canvases, or framed prints for their home or wallets?! Especially when they aren’t those posed, stiff photos with fake backdrops at school (I don’t miss those days).

7. Social Media

I’m guessing this is where your photos will probably wind up first . Your photos will be a stunning way to draw attention to your announcement and updates. I mean, who doesn’t like updated pictures of themselves with their significant other to share?!

8. Home Décor

We love sharing our families’ journey through pictures in our home. Prints and canvases add such a special, warm touch to the home. You’re about to get a ton of wedding photos (and boy, we’re sure some will be superb!), but there’s one thing…you’ll likely be wearing the same thing in every photo. By having engagement photos, you’ll have a variety of outfits and scenery to cover those walls with beautiful memories.

9. Photobook

I love photobooks. There’s something about flipping through pages that’s so much more nostalgic than scrolling through social media. I LOVE when I visit a home and they have a photobook on their coffee table. I’m like a child refraining from a cookie – I can’t resist looking through it! Your photobook could be of your entire time together, of just your engagement period, or a combination of your entire wedding season. What a special way to share your life with others.

10. Holiday cards

Since your engagement pictures are not wedding-focused, you can use them for things other than your wedding, like holiday cards during your engagement period. Heck, you can even use them after! No one puts rules on these things – just share your love!

Has this inspired you at all? Have you thought of any other creative ways to use your photos? Share with us! We LOVE new ideas.