How To Plan An Engagement Party

We remember our loved ones lighting up and our phones dinging for hours after we announced our engagement. I’m sure I had to charge my phone twice that day, ha! The hype was so exciting, and we couldn’t wait to celebrate with everyone. We just didn’t want to wait until our Wedding Day! And that’s exactly why some genius, from who knows when, came up with the idea of engagement parties! If you’re thinking of getting your party on, here are some things to consider when questioning how to plan an engagement party:

The Host

Gone are the days of tradition. It’s not just the bride’s parents that can host an engagement party! Both sets of parents or friends can host. What hasn’t changed is that whoever is hosting, is responsible for paying for the expenses.

The Guest List

It’s not uncommon that guests who’re invited to an engagement party anticipate an invitation to the wedding. I know what you’re thinking – no, this doesn’t mean you need to hash out your entire wedding guest list right now. But we wouldn’t advise inviting someone who you know won’t be invited to the wedding. Some couples who are having smaller, more intimate weddings choose to have larger engagement parties or receptions. We recommend letting your party guests know. We’ve seen notes put on the invitation or in a quick statement included during a “Thank You for Coming” speech at the party.

Formality & Theme

Go ahead and take the pressure off yourself, because your engagement party doesn’t have to match the style of your wedding. Very few couples have begun planning their wedding at this point! Engagement parties can be as formal or as laid back as you’d like. The important thing Is that you and your fiancé feel comfortable, have fun, and feel celebrated!


Once you’ve got your engagement party details, consider if you will do physical mail-outs or a digital invitation. Keep in mind that if your party is happening soon after the proposal and you want to do physical mail-outs, your guests will appreciate ample notice. Because of this, even those that are adamant about physical invites have resorted to digital invites. Your guests will likely appreciate knowing the formality of your party. We’ll want to avoid having someone dressed as if their headed to the park at your black-tie soiree. You may want to consider mentioning the formality on your invite.

Sometimes after a proposal, the busyness hits like a Mack truck on the interstate. So, we hope this helps keep you moving forward with ease & answers that question of how to plan an engagement party. We’d love to live vicariously through you and hear about your engagement party plans! And of course, please let us know if we can help!