Weekend Sister Trip to the Biltmore Estate

What better way to get away than to take a sister trip to the Biltmore Estate and the Asheville area?! As a work-from-home-mom, I’ve been in dire need of a getaway with someone who I could completely be myself with. You know, the kind of friend you can just do nothing with, but that completely fine because you’re in each other’s company? For me, that person’s my sister. So when a future bride of mine, Danae, gifted me two passes to the Biltmore Estate, she’s the one I called!

I have the most amazing husband. He didn’t hesitate to watch Beckett so that I could go on this adventure. Actually, at the last minute, Jimmy decided to go on an adventure himself! He took Beckett and our two large dogs on a 3-hour long, overnight trip to Nashville. He helped his parents pour the foundation for their new home. I’m not even sure I would’ve been up for such a feat! I said he was amazing, right?

(NOTE: This happened BEFORE the coronavirus!)


My sister and I took off on Friday afternoon and decided to take the interstate route since there was wintery weather in the mountains. This Florida girl is a bit nervous when driving in ice and snow! We still ended up driving through snow though! It was gorgeous in the Cherokee National Forest!

For lunch, we stopped in Downtown Knoxville and ate at our favorite place there, Tomato Head. Amberhope encouraged me to try the smoked salmon pesto pizza. Sounds bizarre, right? It was so good!

Once we arrived in Asheville, we ate dinner at Chai Pani, which I affectionally keep calling China Pina (face palm). It had the most delicious Indian Street food. Afterwards, we settled in at my friend’s place where I gracefully fell down a flight of stairs. I haven’t been in that much discomfort in a long time, but it brought some big belly laughs afterward!


The next morning, I took Amberhope to Green Sage Cafe for brunch. I figured she’d love it since she’s vegan and loves all-things-healthy. It was a hit! Then, we took off for the Biltmore Estate.

We almost didn’t get into the house! We were told there were no more tours left! Ah! Thankfully, some kind strangers gave us their unused tickets.

The Biltmore Estate

The Estate was gorgeous. I still can’t believe that someone lived in it. The property is breathtaking. I’m sure it’s even more gorgeous when there is greenery and blooms! We shared an audio tour, but the sharing wasn’t as easy as we though it’d be. So, I just told Amberhope the highlights, ha! We were supposed to have lunch on the grounds, but we decided to save some money. Our reservations were at Deerpark, so I’ll have to try that restaurant out another time!

There’s SO MUCH to do on the grounds that it’s a little overwhelming for a day trip. In order to appreciate it all, I think I’d have have to stay overnight at one of their dreamy accommodations. (HINT, HINT, JIMMY!) 🙂 Of what we did do though, our favorite part was easily the conservatory. I could’ve spent hours in there photographing all the plants. I didn’t bring my macro lens for the close-up shots, but am still happy to have some captures of its beauty. It was packed in there, so I’m sure I would’ve annoyed some visitors with my lingering anyways. 🙂

That evening, we ate dinner at the Village Social in Antler Village. I went all out with my order. I even bought a $39 salmon dish. (Just realizing how much salmon I ate on this trip! Ha!) I highly recommend that restaurant for its food and atmosphere. We ended the night at a TJ Maxx AND Homegoods combined store. It was HUGE! To say the least, I was in heaven! Amberhope wasn’t so much. Sorry, sis!


On Sunday morning, we went to brunch with Danae at Early Girl Eatery. I had biscuit french toast. Their menu was so unique and accommodating to different diets. Afterward, we decided to take off for home so that I could see Beckett before he went to bed. I enjoyed the break from being a mommy and housewife, but was ready to hear him speak his gibberish and see his excitement to show me everything around the house while he exclaims, “See!” Ugh. I love this kid.

If you ever consider going to Asheville for a vacation, reach out! I’ve done a lot of research and have been there several times now. It’s just far enough away from the Chattanooga area for a wonderful weekend trip! I look forward to visiting again!