Kaelibeth’s Colorado Springs Session

So, it’s been a hot minute since these photos were taken. I’ve been so busy with my “paid” work, a toddler, and COVID-19 fallouts, that personal galleries, like Kaelibeth’s Colorado Springs Session haven’t been able to be a priority. One good things about the coronavirus pandemic is that it has forced my life to slow down to almost a screeching halt. Thankfully, that means lots of “personal” work’s getting done!

If I’m honest, my “personal” work’s what I get most excited about sharing, because the people in the captures are those that are closest to my heart. Kaelibeth’s no different. Though we may not have grown up together, and we aren’t able to spend much time together, she adds value to my life. But I know that she lives a full life, seeks authenticity, and can slay anything she sets her mind to. SLAY! Watching her intentionally come into herself over the last few years has been motivating. Her body positivity is contagious. I just love what she’s about. I can’t help but do a shameless sister plug—if you’re in search of a social media account that provides encouragement, positivity, and handstands, follow @kaelibethrose! You’ll pick up on all these characteristics in Kaelibeth’s Colorado Springs Session previews. I keep looking at them over and over!

So, let’s get to it! I photographed my sister in Colorado Springs. She was gorgeous and is an amazing human being. The scene was breathtaking. The quarantine gave me time to catch up on personal work. That’s all. Let’s move on to the unreal pictures!