Beckett’s 18-Month Milestone Session

Wow! How am I writing about Beckett’s 18-month milestone session?! How are we officially parents to a toddler?! Some days it feels like time has gone fast, but in other ways (particularly on days full of tantrums) it has felt very long, ha! Either way, it calls for a milestone session! We feel so blessed. Beckett has become our little buddy. I feel like the luckiest Mommy ever.

So much has happened in the last six months. We’ve done a ton and have seen so many people. Beckett’s a completely different kid. I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this post. The first year of his life, I was pretty detailed with each post, but this one covers six months! So, I thought I’d break it down into categories and bullet point the highlights. How’s that for showing off my Type A colors? 🙂

Travels & Visits

  • Traveled to Colorado to see Nana & Papaw
  • Christmas with Mimmie & Bubby
  • Attempted a Fall trip to Gatlinburg that was a bust (we still don’t wanna talk about how bad it went, ha!)
  • Nana & Uncle Grant visited and we got to play in snow and cuddle
  • Went to Nashville with Daddy and the dogs while Mommy went on a girls trip to the Biltmore with Auntie
  • Visited Daddy at work for the first time and brought him some yummy coffee
  • Lots of playdates


  • Serious GI virus that lasted over a month (but always remember that banana fibers look like worms in your baby’s poop!)
  • Happily played in my room alone with the door shut for almost 15 minutes
  • Started going to gymnastic open gyms and LOVE it
  • Fall festival at Blowing Springs Farms
  • Learned to take the mail to the mailbox which is my new “chore”
  • Discovered how fun Christmas trees decorations are
  • Had my first bonfire at Gigi and Pop-pop’s
  • Changed out my infant carseat for a big boy one!
  • Diagnosed with an ear infection and penicillin allergic reaction (happened we were in Colorado—not fun!)
  • Snowfalls—first in Colorado and second at home
  • Rock City and couldn’t stop saying “woah” and pointing to everything
  • My reading nook was built!

Favorite Toys & Activities

  • Exploring everything, especially dirt, rocks, and puddles
  • All things water
  • Anything outside
  • Reading books, especially in my blue chair with my ankles crossed
  • Helping mommy scout for her photography sessions
  • Bookworms at the library
  • Walks around my neighborhood in my blue car
  • Trampolines
  • Coloring and painting
  • Looking out windows
  • Brushing teeth and playing in the sink
  • Using our garage as a playroom
  • Hanging out with Daddy on Tuesdays while Mommy works in the master closet
  • Auntie watching me once a week for a few hours and we jam to Dimash
  • Sliding
  • Spinning in circles and on the floor
  • Jump parks
  • Making faces for the camera
  • Giving kisses on the lips
  • Insisting on eating in a normal chair, not my booster seat (food can be stressful!)
  • Being chased naked after my baths
  • Playing with Tilly! I even learned how to let her out of her crate!
  • Shaking my booty on command
  • Helping Mommy do laundry and clean

Favorite Food

  • Veggie straws
  • Beyond Burger
  • Almond yogurt
  • Avocado
  • Pouches
  • Raisins

Developmental Milestones

  • Officially went off formula and started using a sippy (~14 months)
  • Season of tantrums
  • Likes to put things away
  • Trying to put my own clothes and shoes on
  • Likes to stash objects and recover them
  • Started climbing on everything
  • Mastered walking
  • Found my belly button and “pee pee”
  • First molars
  • Talking A LOT and answers “yeah” or “no” to questions
  • 18- sleep regression exists, and it’s the worst
  • Copy what friends say or do


(There’s obviously a ton more, but the list could be endless! Let’s get to the cute pictures already!) Hope you love Beckett’s 18-month Milestone Session! 🙂