Danae & Scot – Engagement Session

Is this real life? I get to photograph Danae & Scot?! And I fell in the water while photographing them?! (More on that later.) And I get to photograph at a location I’ve dreamed about with the most adventurous couple?! I am so blessed!

Because Danae and I have such a good history of working together, I’m genuinely ecstatic about this opportunity! Not to mention, that we also share so many similar hobbies, values, and perspectives! Danae and I first met during graduate school when we were pursuing our Masters in Social Work. We made an excellent, high-functioning team. Fast forward almost six years, and Danae’s a Dean at an Adventist academy in the Asheville, North Carolina, area, and she’s getting married! Oh, I can’t leave out that she also became a furmom to the spunkiest Havanese, Fletch! He also debuted in this e-shoot and will play a big role on the Big Day. He’s just the cutest, but back to the love story! 🙂

Danae & Scot met while working at Camp Au Sable in Michigan. Since then, they’ve become the sweetest duo. Currently, Scot’s a first year medical student in Macon, Georgia. They’ve been doing life and wedding planning long-distance and ROCKING IT!

When we were planning the e-shoot, I was reaffirmed how great of a fit Danae & Scot are to work with. They scheduled to see each other specifically so that they could go shopping for their engagement session and ended up bringing several outfit options. After seeing their outfits, I learned that Danae should be hired to style every new client! I’m so impressed! The two also love the outdoors, and Danae grew up on Lake Michigan, so photographing outside near water was important to her. So, when I asked about location ideas, she started describing this spot near Ocoee Lake that has “cool trees sticking up out of the water.” I knew EXACTLY the spot she meant. It’s a spot I’ve been wanting to photograph at since I moved here! I LOVE large bodies of water surrounded by mountains! Ah!!!

We started the e-shoot at the Ocoee Whitewater Center, and after they learned my four core poses, we started walking up the trail when…I fell into the water. I stood up and looked into my bag full of ALL my gear, and saw standing water inside it. YIKES! Cue panic. Scot was so kind to help me dry off my gear and carry my heavy bag the rest of the time. I successfully took a couple shots, said a prayer, and we continued on with the session.

Before our time ended, I had used every lens and body without any issues, so it seems like I’m in the clear! Whew. Though I can’t say that I’d drench my gear again, I’d willingly fall in the water and photograph the rest of the session soaked again, but only if it meant that I get to photograph at such a gorgeous location with such a fun couple!

Anyways, back to the e-shoot. I just love the variety of spots we used. Danae & Scot even went through all the trouble to bring a canoe for the lake! Danae made it all that much more unique by bringing fresh flowers, an adorable blanket, and sodas to enjoy while they floated on the water. I mean, all we needed was rain to make it officially Notebook style! Make sure to keep scrolling down to see these captures!

I hope you love these previews, Danae & Scot! You two are a blast and quite the power couple. I know it took a ton of energy and planning to make your e-shoot happen. It all came together beautifully! In fact, Danae, you look like you’re glowing with joy! I can’t wait to see you guys again in June!!!