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Welcome to my blog! I'm a wedding photographer based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for the authentic couple wanting an exclusive experience and timeless captures. I thrive off of building genuine relationship that last beyond wedding days! I'm also a wife, boymom to Beckett James, enneagram type 1, and love all-things nature. So, basically if I'm not doing something photography-related, you'll find me outside with my toddler recovering from perfectionism. Anyways, enjoy viewing my latest work, resources for clients and friends, and glimpses into my life!

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I first photographed Addie when she was a Freshman. Today, we celebrated that she’s graduating high school in just a few short months! Whaaa??!!! How has time flown that fast?! Addie’s senior year hasn’t looked normal (thanks, COVID-19). But, despite all the events and traditions she’s missed out on, Addie’s made the most of it! […]

Addie’s Senior Session

Portrait Sessions, Seniors

A Winter Wedding at Lee University Chapel and Black Fox Farms | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer Brittany & Vlad made me want to experience my wedding day all over again. The day was busssyyyyy, but their excited/nervous anticipation before the ceremony, the thrilling feeling of walking down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs., and the joy […]


Brittany & Vlad

wedding at lee university chapel and black fox farms in cleveland tennessee with wedding photographer alyssa rachelle photography

This hit hard…she said, “Share what is vulnerable, but not what is intimate.” That statement helped me understand why I haven’t shared much publicly about my dad’s stroke recovery.⁠ ⁠ It’s too intimate. Too soul-wrenching. Too much of a roller coaster of glorious highs and plummeting lows.⁠ ⁠ I intended to share more about Dad’s […]

Why I Just Can’t Talk About It


Engagement Session in Historic Downtown Chattanooga | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer After one of their first e-mails, I knew that Rebekah & Shawn were a couple who I HAD to work with. Rebekah shared that they met through playing football, which instantly won me over since she can hold her own in a male-dominated sport, and […]

Couple, Engagement, Portrait Sessions

Rebekah & Shawn – Engaged

engagement session in historic downtown chattanooga with alyssa rachelle photography

A Sweet Fall Love | Chattanooga Portrait Photographer I’m a sucker for Fall colors, and boy did I get giddy when I stumbled across this location! From past years’ disappointments, I knew that the leaves would drop sooner than later. So, I texted my brother and his girlfriend practically begging them to let me photograph […]

Ashley & Grant

chattanooga fall leaves session with alyssa rachelle photography

Couple, Personal, Portrait Sessions

Any type of wedding planning can be daunting but picking out florals is a biggin’. Florals are throughout the ENTIRE wedding day, there are so many options, and it’s a huge part of the budget! That’s why I’ve created The Ultimate Wedding Flowers Checklist! The Ultimate Wedding Flowers Checklist lists the types of arrangements that […]

Bridal Resources, Engagements & Weddings

The Ultimate Wedding Flowers Checklist

ultimate wedding flower checklist with alyssa rachelle photography

A lot of things can throw off a wedding day timeline. It’s not uncommon for vendors like wedding planners or photographers to be named as the culprits. But in my experience, the bridal party has a ton of influence on the timeline. Often times, the bridal party doesn’t realize just how much impact they can […]

How the Bridal Party Can Make or Break Your Wedding Timeline

how the bridal party can make or break the wedding day timeline by alyssa rachelle photography

Bridal Resources, Engagements & Weddings

Have you noticed the trend for bridal portraits? You know the one that has the veil flying behind the bride? Oh my does it make for romantic, epic captures! But did you know that only certain veils do this well? If you’re interested in getting portraits like that but don’t know what kind of veil […]

Bridal Resources, Engagements & Weddings

How to Get a Veil to Fly

how to get the veil to fly guide by alyssa rachelle photography

We finally took Beckett on his first beach trip! As a Native Floridian, I was so excited to share this experience with Beckett at Panama City Beach. He’s such a water and sand kid, so I couldn’t wait to see how much he loved the beach. My stepdad’s family shares a beach house that’s on […]

Panama City Beach Vacation 2020

Beckett James, Personal

2020’s a thief. It stole a lot…joy, experiences, togetherness. Am I right?! But this season of thanksgiving has refocused my mind and reminded me that it hasn’t alllll been bad. Who would’ve thought?! So even though we may not be celebrating on this Thanksgiving Day like we normally would, let’s still celebrate together by sharing […]


Who Would’ve Thought…

Senior Session at Dalton State College | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer Sandra used to live across the street from me. As I edited galleries, I’d look out my window and see her come and go several times a day as she left for school and work. I admired her work ethic and focus. Fast forward a […]

Sandra’s College Senior Session

sandra's senior session at dalton state college with alyssa rachelle photography

Portrait Sessions, Seniors

Dreamy Fall Family Session with the Body Family | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer It wasn’t until after Christie booked their dreamy fall family session that I realized we used to be neighbors! The unfortunate thing is, we didn’t even know each other back then! This is slightly embarrassing, because I love building community and wish I […]

Family, Kids, Portrait Sessions

Boyd Family Session

open field with tall grass for a fall session for the boyd family with alyssa rachelle photography

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