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Welcome to my blog! I'm a wedding photographer based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for the authentic couple wanting an exclusive experience and timeless captures. I thrive off of building genuine relationship that last beyond wedding days! I'm also a wife, boymom to Beckett James, enneagram type 1, and love all-things nature. So, basically if I'm not doing something photography-related, you'll find me outside with my toddler recovering from perfectionism. Anyways, enjoy viewing my latest work, resources for clients and friends, and glimpses into my life!

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For several years now I’ve been begging my former NICU colleague Chris Varnell to have calf on his family farm that we could use to photograph kids with. Finally, a calf named Neptune helped make my dreams come true!!! When I saw that he was born, I couldn’t get a hold of Chris fast enough […]

Andi’s Springtime Farm Mini Session

varnell family farm calf mini session

Kids, Portrait Sessions

I’ve started getting some questions about my favorite household appliance, tools, and products since I started sharing some about my yearly household cleaning and maintenance routine on Instagram. So, I’ll be sharing those with you every now and again! It only made sense to start off by sharing my favorite household appliance—the Dyson V11 Cordless […]

Homemaking, Motherhood Resources

Nurturing Our Homes: My Favorite Household Appliance

favorite household appliance the dyson cordless vacuum

I’ve looked forward to Spring 2020 for so many reasons, but by far, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the flowering trees to bloom for portrait sessions! I found my favorite spots a year ago. Since then, my calendar has been marked with reminders. I was very bummed when the coronavirus began happening, because I knew that […]

Our Spring Family Self-Portraits

Family, Kids, Personal, Portrait Sessions

What is a First Look? First Looks are AWESOME! However, not everyone’s aware of how awesome they are because they get caught up in how “non-traditional” it is. So they immediately write it off. Did you know that I was almost one of those brides?! In this post, I’m sharing what I believe every Bride […]

Bridal Resources

What is a First Look and Why Do One?

what is a first look and why do a first look by alyssa rachelle photography

So, it’s been a hot minute since these photos were taken. I’ve been so busy with my “paid” work, a toddler, and COVID-19 fallouts, that personal galleries, like Kaelibeth’s Colorado Springs Session haven’t been able to be a priority. One good things about the coronavirus pandemic is that it has forced my life to slow […]

Kaelibeth’s Colorado Springs Session

kaelibeth's colorado springs session with alyssa rachelle photography

Personal, Portrait Sessions

What better way to get away than to take a sister trip to the Biltmore Estate and the Asheville area?! As a work-from-home-mom, I’ve been in dire need of a getaway with someone who I could completely be myself with. You know, the kind of friend you can just do nothing with, but that completely […]

Personal, Venue Feature

Weekend Sister Trip to the Biltmore Estate

weekend vacation to the biltmore estate

My Social Worker Heart wants for good to come out of the COVID-19 quarantine. While learning how to survive with kids at home full-time, I think we have an opportunity here to strengthen our families and faith; rejuvenate our souls; and reprioritize our lifestyles. But I know that having uncertainties loom over a household is […]

COVID-19: How to Survive with Kids at Home Full-time

how to survive at home with kids full-time during the covid-19 epidemic

Homemaking, Motherhood Resources, Nurturing Homes, Personal

Wow! How am I writing about Beckett’s 18-month milestone session?! How are we officially parents to a toddler?! Some days it feels like time has gone fast, but in other ways (particularly on days full of tantrums) it has felt very long, ha! Either way, it calls for a milestone session! We feel so blessed. […]

Beckett James, Personal

Beckett’s 18-Month Milestone Session

beckett's 18 month milestone session

Is this real life? I get to photograph Danae & Scot?! And I fell in the water while photographing them?! (More on that later.) And I get to photograph at a location I’ve dreamed about with the most adventurous couple?! I am so blessed! Because Danae and I have such a good history of working […]

Danae & Scot – Engagement Session

danae church and scot brunner engagement session on ocoee lake in cherokee national forest and ocoee lake

Couple, Engagement, Portrait Sessions

To celebrate Valentine’s month, Beckett enjoyed a painting (and eating) shaving cream activity with red, pink, and yellow paint colors. It made for some personality pictures that I’ll treasure. It’s a simple, inexpensive activity using things I already had: aluminum casserole pan ultra-sensitive shaving cream washable acrylic paint q-tips   It bought me all of […]

Beckett James, Personal

Painting Shaving Cream Activity

painting shaving cream activity

Thoughts about Staying Home Full-time Staying at home full-time with Beckett is such a blessing, and it’s something Jimmy and I have worked hard for. But I wouldn’t be painting the whole picture if I didn’t also mention that I often feel restless, bored, unproductive, and frustrated too. Leaving the traditional work environment and having […]

Staying at Home Full-time & a Fun, Recent Activity

Rice bin activity for toddler

Beckett James, Personal

I’m still in disbelief that I’ve photographed each of the Young family kiddos at nearly all of their “milestone” months!!! First, how have I been so blessed to have that opportunity?! Second, how has time gone THAT fast?! This particular family session was to celebrate Jonathan turning six-months-old. Just how?! It’s so humbling, and it […]

Family, Kids, Portrait Sessions

Young Family Session – Winter 2020

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