Gift Your Man with a Boudoir Session

“Gift my man a boudoir session album?! I want to but I’d feel SO awkward!” Trust me, I’ve heard it a million times before and I get it; it’s a whole new photo session to wrap your head around, but after my brides shoot a boudoir session, they say they had the most fun, felt free, and not awkward at all!

Thinking about adding a boudoir session ahead of your wedding? Here’s the scoop to help you decide if it’s right for you!

The Perfect Gift

Still hunting for the perfect gift for your future hubby? These photos are for his eyes only (it’s why you don’t see any on my website/blog/socials!). So, you get to have some playful fun behind the lens and can surprise him with a little photo book on your wedding day. I’m sure he won’t see it coming! You can tell him all about the nerves you had, but I’m sure he’ll be too focused on your beauty to believe it!

Forget the Nerves

Remember when I mentioned so many brides are nervous and think a boudoir session will be awkward? I promise it’s anything but! Since I’ve already photographed your engagement photos, we’ve built a connection that can definitely help put you at ease! It’s also just us – no pressure, with ample time to ease into what it is that makes YOU feel the most like YOU! I’ve done this many times; the nerves leave quick for brides!

Show Your Personality

Speaking of you – this isn’t just for your man! Want to feel empowered, free, and explore a new side of yourself? This session is PERFECT for that. We all tend to be our toughest critics whether it’s about our bodies or maybe a shy personality. As your photographer, I’m here to flatter every part of YOU! It’s what I do on your wedding day when you’re in your gown and what I do in these sessions while you wear that makes you feel most beautiful!

What do I wear for a boudoir session?

Speaking of that…most ladies want to know what to wear? Firstly, you get to shop for this session, UM YES! Haven’t ever shopped for lingerie before? This is the perfect time to find what makes you feel like the most beautiful version of a lesser-dressed you! Some brides opt for flirty outfits, others with spicy sex appeal. It’s all about finding the things that you love on your body. Plus, a boudoir session will give you a few outfits for the honeymoon, anniversaries, and those date nights you want to make extra special.

When should I schedule my boudoir session?

Between engagement sessions, bridal showers, bridal sessions, and so many other wedding festivities, it can sometimes be hard to find a time to add more to the calendar. But a boudoir session is the gift that keeps on giving, both for your soon-to-be husband and YOU! On a low-key day or an evening after work, whatever time makes you feel most relaxed and at ease for some boudoir photos is when you should schedule! I typically like to say three months before the wedding so there’s time for editing and printing a book in time to gift your man with these images.

Wanting to keep this session a secret from hubby? We can book quietly so he’ll never know! Ready to schedule when you are!

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