Why You Should Book A Bridal Portrait Session

Why You Should Book A Bridal Portrait Session by Alyssa Rachelle Photography

The magic of wedding day photos is unmatched, and I love capturing your love story through my lens, but if you’re looking at your wedding day timeline and wondering how you’re going to get all of the photos you want of JUST you in your gorgeous wedding dress without feeling rushed, I have the BEST solution. Bridal portraits!!!

My top 6 reasons and benefits as to why you should consider bridal portraits are below!

  1. Unrushed. I know, I know, between bridal showers, fittings, and tastings, how do you fit in another wedding-related event? Depending on how you plan your wedding day, there may only be a few opportunities between the ceremony and reception to capture unrushed bridal portraits. Capturing morning or evening golden hour with no agenda but stunning photos of you at your bridal session gives us so much freedom to have fun and be creative.

  1. Location. That freedom and creativity we have during Bridal Portrait sessions is unlimited! Thinking you want to have your portrait session at your wedding venue? Perfect. It’s a great time to pick out the spots you absolutely want newlywed or family photos at during your wedding day too. Interested in a totally different location but one that’s special to you like your childhood home? Bridal portraits give us the freedom to photograph at a location that we wouldn’t likely be able to get to on your wedding day!

  1. Dress Test Run. That gorgeous dress you’ve waited your whole life to wear deserves to be worn more than once, so take it for a spin! Besides the fact that you’re only a bride once, knowing how you will truly feel in your dress is hard to imagine at a short alteration appointment. Being in your dress for bridal portraits will give you an idea of how your dress will wear for your wedding day and if there are any final alterations you want your seamstress to make. So, I recommend doing bridal portraits when your last fitting takes place, which is usually six weeks out from your wedding date.

Why You Should Book A Bridal Portrait Session by Alyssa Rachelle Photography
  1. Hair & Makeup Trial Showcase. I don’t know about you, but I wanted to show off my bridal hair and makeup. It’s not every day that you get the full bridal glam treatment, so put your trial to use and schedule bridal portraits on the same day! If you’re wearing a veil on your wedding day, be sure to bring it to your trial so your stylist can place it for you for the full effect. Planning bridal portraits around your hair and makeup trial allows you to see the head-to-toe look and on the biggest day of your life, knowing ahead of time how it all comes together helps you relax!

  1. Florals. Ask your florist if they’ll make you a sample bouquet to get a feel for how your bouquet looks with your dress and how it feels to carry. Maybe you wanted a sprawling bouquet but realize it’s too heavy. This session is the perfect way to find out!

  1. Details, Details, Details! The photos of your shoes or your rings laying atop your invitation, I LOVE capturing the little details that are so important to tell your wedding day story. Bridal Portraits give me plenty of time to capture those moments so on the wedding day, if the schedule gets off track or the invitation was forgotten at home, we’ve already captured those memories!

I honestly just LOVE getting to work with my brides during engagement shoots and wedding days, but I’ve been loving it even more having a whole additional gallery of Bridal Portraits. It has been so fun seeing my brides feel even more confident and relaxed on their wedding day knowing their dress is perfect and they don’t have to rush but can soak in every moment without worry! Ready to book your Bridal Portrait session? Let me know!

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