3 People You Should Consider to Be Your Chattanooga Wedding Videographer

3 People You Should Consider to Be Your Chattanooga Wedding Videographer by alyssa rachelle photography

Your wedding is the most memorable and happiest days of your life. I’m a photographer, but to be honest, video moves me in such a deeper way than photos. (Did I just admit that?!) Having wedding videography can make it even more amazing, especially the years (or decades) after. Nothing brings back those moments like watching it in what feels like real-time. If you’re reading this, I know you get it. So, keep scrolling to hear of the best people to consider as your Chattanooga wedding videographer!

148 Films

148 Films aim to be your best choice when it comes to providing perfect video service. They are a husband-and-wife team. (Um, yay for a team and not a solo man possibly missing moments because he can’t be everywhere at one time!) Skip and Emily take the time to get you know what type of video you want and provide a product that is better than expected. They become so present in the moment with what they record and how they use movement, that it is impossible not to feel moved by what their talent.

Apparently, I’m not the only one to think so. They’ve been voted Chattanooga’s Best of the Best and received the Couple’s Choice Award on Wedding Wire in 2020!

Forsey Films

Forsey Films is one of the best wedding videography services in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Drew, the owner and my personal friend, has been videoing for as long as I can remember! He even filmed a documentary about his year teaching school in Africa when he was just seventeen years old. He volunteered round-the-clock to help those who needed it most. His work speaks volumes through every frame. He captures true, candid life moments. In all my research, his “edit” style is most similar to mine. Drew’s videos are a sight to behold, and it doesn’t take long for you to be drawn into his world.

Axel Marshall Productions

Axel Marshall Productions has been highly recommended by my friends in the wedding industry. I have to say that he seems like a great choice for your Big Day! He’s got lots of videos on his website so you can see what his style and use of movement is like before booking. His packages are comprehensive. He pays attention to all the details during filming and editing them into something really special. As you watch Axel’s videos, it feels like he is talking to just YOU. His captivating moves pull in not only your eyes, but also the heart.

There you have it—three great choices for your Chattanooga wedding videographer! I can’t speak to their pricing and packages, but only to their end product. I always say to my couples that they walk away with only two or three things after their wedding day—their spouse, photos, and video. If I were a bride again, I’d make my budget for those two vendors more than any other. So, I’m glad you’re considering having wedding videography as part of your day! I hope these recommendations help!

As always, if you’re in need of wedding photography services, please send me a message!


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