Why I Love ARP Reveal Parties

There’s little that’s more special than your wedding day. I get it, because it makes ME so giddy to capture all of the moments that make it beautiful, and I’m not even the bride! Seeing brides glow when they step into their dress, capturing a first look, memorializing the first dance, it all makes me gush 😍

But what do I love just as much? Exclusive ARP Reveal Parties!!!

You may have heard me drop some shameless plugs about them during our time working together or seen other couples rave about them on social media!

I love hosting Reveal Parties with newlyweds and there are so many reasons why!

How We Party

First, you get to experience the butterflies, and the oohs and ahh’s all over again. If that wasn’t good enough…

Imagine sitting across from your new spouse and hearing their perspective of you walking down the aisle. Seeing the behind the scenes of how they got ready for the wedding day since you weren’t with them. Or the images of the hilarious dance battle that took place between your aunt and the best man!

My couples use ARP Reveal Parties for an intimate date night since it happens in my studio or the couple’s home for about two hours on a weekday. You can invite your friends and family who couldn’t attend your wedding but desperately want to hear all about your Big Day! It’s such a fun evening whether it’s just you two attending or the entire bridal party!


As you view your gallery for the first time and indulge in charcuterie, I also bring all artwork products for you to touch, feel, and imagine your wedding photos being commemorated in print. That coffee table wedding album you’ve been dreaming of? That canvas for your hallway? Well, this is a great opportunity to make it happen, because as part of the party, couples can receive 20% off their artwork product selections with a minimum purchase of $500 that night! Woohoo!!!

Should you or a loved one want an artwork product, but don’t want to make a decision quite yet on which product, no worries! You can purchase a gift card with a starting amount of $500 and make your selections later! However, the artwork products won’t be discounted at a later date.

If you’re not local to Chattanooga, I have a virtual ARP Reveal Party ready just for you! 🙂

ARP Reveal Parties are truly such a special event. I get why couples love them. I wouldn’t be fully transparent if I didn’t say that I get giddy seeing the reactions and knowing that I’m helping get couples their images in a tangible form instead of being buried on a hard drive.

Join me!

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