Chattanooga Couples Getaway Session

I have tons of fun photographing every portrait session, and my time with Rosie & Eli for their Chattanooga couples getaway session was no exception. In fact, they kept me laughing so much that I didn’t realize how soaked in sweat I was until I got into my car to leave the location (thanks to being 30-weeks pregnant and 97-degree weather!). I would sweat every bead all over again if it meant I got to spend more time with these two. They’re hilarious, and their affection for each other is heart melting, even when it comes in sarcastic packages! 🙂

When Rosie reached out to me, she shared that she wanted to capture some dancing poses. Rosie’s taught ballroom dancing for six years, and for the last three months she and Eli have been dance partners for all-things Latin dancing! You guys—these two know what they’re doing! Their perfectly posed hands to insanely excellent posture got me so giddy behind the camera! P.S. I learned that Eli has mad meme game. I couldn’t wait to follow him on social media to get some extra laughs! I’m counting on you, Eli! No pressure! Ha!

Though I captured some smokin’ hot dance poses for Rosie & Eli, the previews here don’t include any of them (don’t hate the blogger!). Rosie & Eli were just tooooooo cute in-between poses that I couldn’t resist focusing on their candid, sweet interaction. I mean, look at these photos guys!!! How can you not feel the love?! There was also a little studly furman named, Mojo the Yorkie, who wanted a debut with his human parents. So, I’m previewing that too, because #puppylove.

Rosie & Eli, it was a BLAST getting to know you! I hope these previews of your Chattanooga couples getaway session do justice to the sweet love you have for each other. The warm fuzzies were contagious. 🙂 Puh-lease don’t be strangers, and let me know when I can come cheer for you on the dance floor (from the sidelines of course, because this pregnant belly would just look a little awkward out there, and I have no plans of wanting to go viral, ha!)