Rebranding Phase One: New Name & Logo

For several weeks now, I’ve been hustling on a three-phase rebranding overhaul! It’s a tedious process with lots of moving parts, but I simply can’t contain myself any longer, so I’m sharing Phase One with you today…

I’m thrilled to share with you that I’ve changed my business name from “Rowe Photography” to “Alyssa Rachelle!!!!” (Okay, the business name doesn’t have all those exclamation points, but whenever I’ve said it lately, that’s totally how it sounds, ha!) 🙂

Why “Alyssa Rachelle?” I believe there’s so much power in our names! Not to mention, what sets me aside from other photographers in a saturated market is ME! I’m a VERY relational person, so I want to work with people who like who I am, the experience I provide, and the friendship we can build! So, here I am people—Alyssa Rachelle! (P.S. Can we just be honest and admit that it’s also so much easier to remember someone’s name instead of a fancy business name?! Maybe it’s just me and my 32-week preggo brain, but that holds true for me every time! Ha!)

In addition to changing the business name, I consulted with my past clients to develop a tagline that’ll quickly inform potential clients about the experience clients have working with me, the emotion I love capturing, and my technical style of photography:

“Genuine. Joyful. Vibrant.”

Genuine – I’ve already shared that I’m a very relational person, but even more than that, I value and seek out genuine relationships and client experiences like they’re the last Cinnabon on Earth (I may or may not be having a pregnancy craving at this very moment!). One of my mentors said it best, “People over photos always.” My heart couldn’t agree more! When people feel loved and valued, trust grows. In my experience, the more trust that’s formed, the more gorgeous and genuine the portraits are!

Joyful – My favorite portraits are ones filled with joy! It’s truly a blessing to be able to share in the joy of celebrating life together. It’s also my hope that my client experience and product brings joy to the lives of those I work with. 🙂

Vibrant – I enjoy photographing portraits that’ll be vibrant and life-giving now and 20 years from now. So, I keep my editing style simple with a little natural pop! 🙂

With a new business name and tagline comes a new logo! Yay! I tried my hand at designing this logo and its variations all by myself, and I have to say that I’m quite proud!!! I love the swoopy font and how simple the design is. I plan to use different variations, or even pieces of this logo, throughout my business, but what you see here is the full logo in all its glory 🙂 (Guys, never doubt your own abilities! Try your hand before you go spend hundreds.)

Phase Two is all things new website designed by yours truly! I’m shocked at how much fun I’m having with it! The perfectionist in me can get caught up in it for hours, but I plan to complete it before Beckett arrives (God willing!). I can’t wait to share more with you guys soon!!! Stay tuned! 🙂

This is just too fun!!!