Chattanooga Flower Farm Session

I’ve photographed the Young family since the oldest, Josie, was six months! Now, Josie’s 2yo and Baby Ilana’s 1yo! How precious it’s been to feel like a part of their family and to end this year’s session season with them at a Chattanooga flower farm before I go on Baby Leave 🙂

One of the things I love the most about the Young family is their genuine joy and their gentleness with each other when nap time comes around. My world’s brighter when I get to capture the joy of the parent-child bond for others! Especially when the children WANT to be in front of my camera. While I was photographing Ilana, Josie said, in a matter of fact manner, “Okay, Josie’s turn.” Heart melted.

I LOVE that we were able to beat the rain, avoid the girls being afraid of the looming thunder (which had me a little nervous, ha!), and capture so many different set variations of the family. I was even able to quickly snap a few photos of Elise & Daniel without the girls! Yay! 🙂 I was 32 WEEKS PREGNANT, had 1yo Ilana on my hip, was drenched in sweat, and still managed to capture some beautiful shots! I have to say that I’m quite proud!!! Maybe this was good practice for the future with Baby Becks? 😉

Anyways, can I shoot in this GORGEOUS Chattanooga flower farm for every session? Orlando had two seasons—Summer and more Summer. So, you can only imagine how excited we were to move back to an area that had all FOUR seasons! I never thought I’d look forward to a Summer season, but after shooting in this wildflower and sunflower field, I’m finding myself itching to see the blooms next year! Well, and for these beautiful little ladies to meet my soon-arriving little man 🙂