Beckett’s Shiplap Nursery

Shiplap Nursery

Even though Beckett’s constant kicks and squirms remind me that he’s on his way, there’s still a part of me that can’t believe that I’m going to be a Mommy in a matter of weeks! Ah! Despite my occasional difficulty grasping that somehow I’m “allowed” to be solely responsible for another life, we’re 100% ready for our little mister to arrive!

My favorite part of getting ready for Beckett’s arrival has been putting together his nursery. I LOVE to decorate! I was beside myself that I had a “reason” to spend money at Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, and Kirklands! Though every piece of furniture and decoration in his nursery was significantly discounted, because I also get a thrill from snagging the best deal I can find. 🙂

My vision for the nursery was rather simple. I wanted it to be light with pops of color, calming, and minimal. I chose to go with a woodland theme with the color swatch including white, grey, and navy blue. ANYTHING to avoid the bright primary colors that seem to be on all baby gear!

In March we began the first project—painting and shiplap. This was quite the ordeal since we’d never done anything like shiplap before and didn’t have our own tools. In fact, we used upside-down plastic tubs instead of purchasing a sawhorse, ha! Our backs hurt, but our wallet appreciated our innovation. I thought shiplap projects were supposed to be cheap, but it was pretty pricey for us! I think it’s because we did a partial wall all the way around the room and included a trim at the top…? The painting was an ordeal too! The room was originally a dark grey/green, and I wanted it white, so we had many, many coats to put on. Also, once the walls were white, we noticed that the ceiling was grey (still so weird to me!). So, we painted that too! Fun fact: I broke two extender poles. Apparently, I’m an aggressive painter, ha! 🙂

Once the room was painted and shiplapped (I think I just created a new verb, ha!), we began our hunt for furniture and decorations. Did I already mention that the employees at Hobby Lobby and Homegoods might know me by name? It’s true. I’m also known for blocking aisles with my laid out “displays” to see how the pieces of décor look together. No regrets here! And if you’ve ever been in our home, you also know that I LOVE fiddle leaf fig trees! So, naturally I had to find one for Becks’ room. It’s crazy how happy those plants make me (face palm).

Beckett’s shiplap nursery is my favorite room in the house now. I’m serious—I’ve gone upstairs from our downstairs master bathroom to brush my teeth just so I could sit in the rocker and take in the space for a few extra minutes! (That’s a feat with some of the tachycardia I’ve experienced throughout this pregnancy!) It also has a great view of the mountains, so I can’t wait to enjoy feeding times while taking it in!

The nursery isn’t just my favorite room in the house, Tilly & Tessa LOVE spending time in there. They whine at the baby gate to come in! I’m glad they’re getting used to the space before Becks is here. So far, they’ve done well leaving baby items alone, but I’m still crossing my fingers. Any tips for transitioning them are welcomed!

Anyways, I’m so proud of this room and even more excited to see Beckett in it. I hope you enjoy these previews of our shiplap nursery and that they get you excited for his arrival too! We all know that this proud Mommy is ready. Car seat and stroller caddy’s in the car and everything. 🙂