Top 5 Chattanooga Engagement Photo Locations

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had plenty of “ooh and ahh moments” with my brides and couples. Before my couple’s Big Day, you can find me behind the camera capturing the newly engaged couples. I learn more about them, how they interact, and what brings out genuine interaction and candids! They learn how I handle posing, lighting, and get familiar with my personality! It’s a win-win!

These moments are sacred and the emotions couples feel celebrating being newly engaged are so different than the wedding day. The giddy excitement makes me squeal in my own joy!

Couples often ask about outfits to wear during their session, but more than anything they ask “what locations are best?” I’ve rounded up some of my favorite spots around Chattanooga. They photograph beautifully and really make those save-the-dates shine! 🤩

Chickamauga Battlefield

Chickamauga Battlefield is historic, southern and so very Tennessee. The area has long pathways so when you’re walking hand-in-hand, whether forward-facing or walking into the sunset, the paths here are perfect for photos. The battlefield is also, well, a field. So imagine flowing and wispy tall grasses during golden hour. Dreamy! It is a natural and ethereal outdoor site that many couples love for their engagement photos.

chattanooga engagement photo locations by wedding photographer alyssa rachelle photography

Hunter Art Museum

Think grand. Think classy. That’s the Hunter Art Museum! With towering, white columns, overlooks, and beautiful architecture, it makes for stunning engagement photos. Not to mention the iconic Walnut Street Bridge is right behind the River Terrace! If Chattanooga is special to you, this may be a great way to “nod” at that! Heads up – since this is in the Bluff View Art District, you will likely need to secure a permit. But now worries, I can help with that!

West Village

West Village is another favorite go-to because I’m a girl who loves a good view. In the West Village, you’ll find a vibe that’s much more modern and chic. A bit of urban city gives the West Village an edge in engagement photos. And the views available, well it’s Tennessee! That means in one direction you have a cityscape, and in the other, Lookout Mountain. It is a fun area if you are looking for more of a hip or classy vibe.

chattanooga engagement photo locations by wedding photographer alyssa rachelle photography

Ross’ Landing

Ross’ Landing was one of my most recent favorite spots and I forgot how much I loved the classic riverfront area for engagement photos. Iconic views of Chattanooga, the flowing river, the simplicity of the stone steps, and the abundance of greenery along the riverfront. Photos here are truly timeless and I love Ross’ Landing because of this!

chattanooga engagement photo locations by wedding photographer alyssa rachelle photography

Coolidge Park

Coolidge Park has so many options for backdrops! Two bridges offer both color and texture options. A creamy, stone-looking bridge with paver ground feels serene and elegant. The teal metal bridge is more funky and fun. Both offer views of the iconic Tennessee River and with so much space, the variety available for photos really is endless.

chattanooga engagement photo locations by wedding photographer alyssa rachelle photography

Another Option…

My final top recommended spot is one that is usually new to me that is special to the couple! Whether it is on-site at an ice cream parlor where you had your first date, in your backyard on the patio where you proposed or your favorite hiking spot you hike every Sunday after brunch, these spots are the most special and memorable for you! That means for an engagement photo shoot, they will be all the more memorable!

Exploring Chattanooga and finding the best spots in the area to capture my newly engaged couples is on par with the love I have for photographing weddings. It is a special time that should be captured and I would love to help you find the spot that will be most memorable and meaningful to you as you celebrate this special season in your life!

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