Purple Wedding Color Theme: Victoria & Hunter

Purple Wedding Color theme by chattanooga wedding photographer alyssa rachelle photography

Victoria and Hunter’s wedding day could be summed up like this: an literal blast. Not only was the purple wedding color theme the perfect complement to the vivid summer greens, the entire vibe of their loved ones was infectious!

This was my first Mexican wedding to photograph. The energy and friendliness was unmatched. There were so many customs and rituals that made it unique. From the way Victoria and Hunter chose to incorporate Victoria’s boys in their ceremony to my most favorite wedding memory to date, it was all very memorable.

My favorite was La Vibora De La Mar. I’d love to write out an entire story about this beyond entertaining moment at the wedding reception. Truthfully though, I’d really rather you just scroll down and see the story in images. I can’t make this stuff up! My jaw was on the floor. It took all of me to stay focused and get the images. I wish every wedding did this. The candid images were *chef’s kiss*. 

The Lighthouse Knoxville knew what kind of fun-loving crowd they had coming that night! I mean, at one point, Hunter was up in the air and lost his socks! It was hilarious! I left that night over the moon for Victoria and Hunter. It was obvious that their adventure was going to be filled with excitement, love, and family.

P.S. If you want to learn more about their venue, the Lighthouse Knoxville, I wrote a venue highlight post here!

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