Timeless Family Photos

Can you believe we got 140+ timeless family photos in only a 20-minute session with two preschool-aged kids?! It’s true! The rain even threatened us, but with some creative location planning, we took care of that too. Teamwork, folks. Teamwork!

We started our session time out on the front lawn, but sure enough, the rain came out to play. So, we utilized the front porch. It was perfect for the kiddos to be able to run, dance, and play. The grand columns and classic look of the building really added to the timeless aesthetic we were going for!

Edie and Josh did all the prep work of getting the kids ready physically and mentally for photos, which was no small feat. )If you’re a parent, you’re nodding your head right now.) The kids were ready to pose but I don’t think they expected how much we’d try to PLAY our way through their 20-minute session. The way their eyes lit up when they got to run around and be more like themselves was heart-warming. Josh & Edie even got in on some of the play, which made the kids even more excited! In fact, I have an image of Josh with both feet off the ground haha!

SOMEHOW we even got a shot of the siblings alone, together without fighting. Watch the preview video of their session, and you’ll find that at one point they were even hugging and kissing each other’s cheeks!!! WHAT A WIN!

Josh & Edie – you got timeless family photos. But what I really hope is timeless is the memories you created of this very short season of being parents to two preschoolers. Your love for your little humans is SO evident and beautiful to see. Thank you for trusting me to capture this season for you!

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