Colorado Photo Shoot

Colorado Photo Shoot

I met my oldest, younger brother, Grant, when I was 20-years-old. He came up to my mid-torso and was eager to meet his new playmate. My dad and his mom had been dating for a while, but we were just meeting for the first time. Our parents got married not long after. Our families are blended, but our hearts love each other as if we’ve known each other our entire lives. (And because Grant was so young when we met, he might remember more of his life with me in it than not! …but don’t trust my math.)

Now, Grant TOWERS over me and can EASILY be caught glued to his phone waiting for his “special friend” to text back. Oh, boy! He just started his Senior year at Campion Academy and plans to attend Southern Adventist University because of their elite School of Visual Art & Design programs. HOW DID TIME GO THIS FAST?! (Selfishly, I really hope he sticks to his plans to go to Southern, because then Beckett would have an uncle who’d be local!)

Jimmy, Beckett, and I visited Colorado to take care of my Dad who’s recovering from a recent massive stroke. Before we travelled out, Michelle (my stepmom) had asked if I’d take Grant’s Senior photos. I couldn’t have gotten more excited…and completely shocked that it was time for Grant to have these done!

I was so thrilled to get to photograph in new terrain…literally. Colorado is so majestic. The textures of the plants and rocks. The demanding presence of the Rockies. The vast sky. The beautiful wildflowers. Everywhere I looked, there was an epic photo opportunity!

Capturing these beautiful images for Grant was a welcomed way of coping and decompressing from what our family’s going through. Grant kept saying, “I’m actually having fun!” I was too. I felt like a careless, little girl begging the sun to not go down. Golden hour just wasn’t long enough!!! Guess I’ll just have to build a client base there so I have another excuse to visit more often 🙂

Grant, I’m so glad you had fun with your Colorado photos shoot. I wish I could see your reaction to these photos, because I know you’re gonna love them, especially the ones of you leaping and walking backwards in the field, ha! I’m so proud of you for so many reasons, and I’m proud that Beckett has an uncle like you to look up to. Too mushy? Okay, fine. Anyways, I hope you LOVE these previews. But don’t love them too much, because I’m sure you have studying to do! (Sorry, can’t help but to be bossy. I’m your big sister, right?.) I love you!