Jonathan’s Newborn Session

I never could’ve imagined having the opportunity to photograph a family from the time their oldest child was 6-months-old to the newborn season of their third child, Jonathan. Photographing a newborn makes my heart feel like it’s going to burst. But by far my favorite moment from this newborn session for Jonathan, was when Elise shared that she wants to create a wall that displays a picture from each child’s newborn-ish, 6-month, and 1-year-old milestones, all but one season captured by me!!! What a privilege.

Jonathan didn’t know it, but he gave me a gift during HIS newborn session! He reminded me that it’s possible to have a calm, happy newborn and for the parents to ENJOY that season. After the first four months of raising unhappy, traumatic Beckett, I’ve said many times that I truly have no desire to relive it for another child. And that’s partly still true, but little Jonathan has planted a seed in my mind and heart, giving my perspective balance. I’m really grateful for that. 🙂

It’s also worth mentioning how CALM Elise is as a mother of three under three! Even when I was talking with her mom at the session and sharing how much of a difference it makes to have family’s help, she replied, “Well, this time Elise has it handled!” A true mommy to look up to!

Elise & Daniel, thank you for being one of my biggest supporters since the beginning of my business. Each time I head to a session with you guys, I pray that I serve you well, and that I capture images you cherish. Your family means a lot to me, and I look forward to seeing all of you together at Jonathan’s 6-month-session! Until then, I hope you enjoy these previews of your newest little wonder! <3