Covey Creek Farm: A Summer Wedding

Covey Creek Farm Summer Wedding by alyssa rachelle photography

Covey Creek Farm Wedding | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

Caitlin, owner of Caitlin D. Photography, is one of my neighbors, but we had never met until she reached out to me to second shoot with her! We learned about each other through our neighborhood’s Facebook group introductions. (Yay for technology actually helping professionals network! :)) Anyways, I was thrilled when she asked me to second shoot for her, because Caitlin seems to always photograph the most good-looking couples! Lindsey & Zac and their wedding at Covey Creek Farm was just that.

They had their rustic summer wedding at Covey Creek Farm. The venue was perfectly suited for the bridal party’s fun energy. I mean, there were handheld fans on the dance floor they partied so hard! Anyways, they had their ceremony inside a corridor of trees, which was a welcomed reprieve from the summer rays. And the CUTEST LAMBS made a surprise debut during dinner at their reception in the barn and outdoor patio area! Perks of a farm venue that has live animals, ha!

Okay, can I get vulnerable here? I’m not a crier, but my camera got wet during the father-daughter-dance. Lindsey’s dad had suffered at least one stroke. This hit me hard, my dad has suffered two MASSIVE strokes. The first when I was 16 and the second recently. After a full recovery, my dad was able to walk me down the aisle. My sister’s engaged to be married, and because of my dad’s new disabilities, there’s a lot of uncertainty about my dad’s involvement on her wedding day. He may not even be able to go! I don’t know for sure, but I imagine that Lindsey has experienced the fear that her father may not have been able to see her get married and enjoy that part of her life with her. So, to see them dance together was very emotional for them, and it hit me square in the chest. What a beautiful moment it was to witness and capture for them. For me, this is what being in the photography business is all about!

Gah, anyways…I mentioned it was blazing hot, right? Did also mention how painless and enjoyable Caitlin made Lindsey & Zac’s portraits despite it? Guys, it was so hot that I was actually really sick the following day from having a small heat stroke! A groomsmen also sweated through his shirt and suit jacket. His white button-up was see-through! But because of Caitlin’s skill not only as a photographer, but also as a people-person, the bridal party seemed to have a blast taking pictures! Keep scrolling, and you’ll see! She worked magic!

As a second shooter, I was there to add value to the wedding day gallery by capturing alternate perspectives, capture specific parts of the day while the main photographer captured other parts at the same time, assist in perfecting locations and aesthetics, run, errands and more. So, since I wasn’t the main shooter, this blog post doesn’t tell a full story of Lindsey & Zac’s wedding day, but you’ll easily be able to feel the love and fun energy, as well as see just how talented Caitlin is with posing and engaging people even under pressure!