Elena Senior Session

It’s been a good few years (or decade) since we’ve walked the halls of our high school. Out of all the memories from those adventurous (and sometimes embarrassing) years, we’ll never forget how exciting it was to walk down the aisle on graduation night! Talking with Elena during her Senior Session brought back a lot of these memories, and we were inspired by her journey through high school.

From the number of books (did you catch that was plural?) she reads a week to her ballet skills, Elena is one of the most talented young ladies we know! Since her very, very young years, she’s been well ahead of the curve in reading and dance. Now, she uses her talent to teach others how to dance and helps produce The Nutcracker. You won’t believe it, but Elena said she has taught a group of 60 dancers at one time!! Mercy. That’s another skill set in itself!!

Elena, soon you’ll be saying tah-tah to all those papers and exams (finally!). We can’t wait to hear about your achievements after high school! We hope college is ready for YOU, because we know you’re more than ready for it!! Until then, we hope you enjoy a few previews from our time together! 🙂

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