My Lens Collection Is Complete!

Alyssa Rachelle Photography's lens collectionWhen I visited my family in Colorado most recently, something big happened. My dad gave me his Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II lens. Sound insignificant?

I suppose it is to anyone else. Dad’s also a photographer. In fact, Dad’s the one who got me interested in this industry! But this lens has been unused, extra weight in Dad’s bag, so I’ve been BEGGING to buy this lens from him for years now. My persuasion and offers got me nowhere. Dad would say that he’ll need it and will “get back to it one day.” So, about a year and a half ago, I deemed it a lost cause and drafted a plan to save to buy it new for my lens collection (Dave Ramsey style of course!).

Things have changed though. Dad had a second massive stroke in May 2019 that’s left him battling some major disabilities. It’s been a process for everyone to accept the recovery process, the severity of the brain injury, and what Dad’s long-term prognosis could be.

So, I wanted to weep tears of excitement and deep, deep sadness when Dad told my stepmom to go get his camera bag and handed me The Coveted Lens. This meant that Dad has come to terms with his possible long-term outcomes. Outcomes that don’t allow him to participate in activities in the same way that he once enjoyed.

That felt very heavy, but it was also really a special moment for us. When he handed me the leans, he was beaming. He knew the joy it would bring me, and how it would benefit my business…because now my wedding photography lens collection’s COMPLETE!!!

I’m blessed to be so well-equipped. It’s been a long time coming. Since I was a teenager, I pledged to not go into debt for photography gear. Nearly a decade later, I’m proud to share that I have kept that pledge to myself! To make it happen, I’ve been reinvesting my “income” back into my business, ‘cause gear ain’t cheap! I can’t wait to enter into a new season of business with such a prized heirloom in tow. It’ll remind me of my Daddy and his smile every step of the way. 🙂

In case you’re a photog who may be interested in my lens collection, why I like them, and what I use them for, here’s a post for you!