Family of 5 Photoshoot Ideas

Join me as I reminisce on all the years and changes I’ve got to watch the Young family go through – and photographer friends, be sure to keep reading to see these images to get family of 5 photoshoot ideas!

I’m still in disbelief that I’ve photographed each of the Young family kiddos at nearly all of their “milestone” months!!!First, how have I been so blessed to have that opportunity?! Second, how has time gone THAT fast?! This particular family session was to celebrate Jonathan turning six-months-old. Just how?! It’s so humbling, and it reminds me the importance of embracing each season of life with my own little guy.

Elise & Daniel make parenting a 3.5 yo, 2.5 yo, and 6-month-old look like child’s play. They’re so patient and handle each challenge with grace. Really, I truly admire them. Elise’s currently working full-time as a Neonatal ICU nurse AND going to school full-time for her Masters! During our time together, Elise raved about how helpful Daniel has been throughout this season (so cute of her to do!). He’s one of the most hands-on dads I know. Way to go, Daniel!!!

Each kiddo’s so different in ways that beautifully complement the family as a whole. Obviously, it’s been neat to see the girls physically grow, but what I really enjoyed during this session was seeing the sibling interaction. Seeing the girls love on Jonathan was heart-melting. Jonathan took all the hugs, awkward positioning, and wet smooches like a champ!

Seeing how much fun Ilana and Josie have together is also so, so sweet and reminds me of me and my sister during our younger years. Oh! I can’t leave out that before Ilana was even out of the car, she she pointed to a heart-shaped necklace she was wearing and exclaimed to me, “Look! My heart!.” I was a puddle, and I had no idea how much sweeter it was about to get. Then, she showed me that Josie had the same necklace, because it’s a “sister necklace.” AH! Child, I wasn’t prepared to have so many feels that day! 🙂

I’m sure I’ll have only blink twice by the time it’s time to get together again to celebrate Jonathan’s first birthday. Being a part of your life, Elise & Daniel has been so special. I almost don’t want you two to stop having kids, so that I’ll always have a reason to get together! Until then, here’s some previews from our session time together & some inspiration for a family of 5 photoshoot ideas! 🙂 <3