Neutral Fall Family Photos

open field with tall grass for a fall session for the boyd family with alyssa rachelle photography

Neutral Fall Family Photos with the Body Family | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

It wasn’t until after Christie booked their neutral fall family photos that I realized we used to be neighbors! The unfortunate thing is, we didn’t even know each other back then! This is slightly embarrassing, because I love building community and wish I had gotten to know my neighbors in our old subdivision a bit better. We’ve certainly done differently in our new neighborhood, but wish we could be playing with Ms. Kinsely!

Kinsley’s five-months-old and the sweetest little thing! Throughout the entire session time, she was so calm. I had no problem getting her to look at the camera. In fact, I think she was quite entranced by what this big clunky black thing was in her face! 🙂 It made for some gorgeous close-ups of her unreal baby blues (keep scrolling!).

Christie & Brandon, you guys made the most perfect human being. I’m thankful photography brought us together even when living in the same neighborhood didn’t, ha! 🙂 As a mom of a two-year-old, I’m experiencing just how fast these little humans grow. So, I hope that these captures are something you can treasure to remember the fuzzy hair, the chunky legs, the sweet coos, and the adorable smiles (with a crinkle nose, of course!). <3