Dalton State Photo Shoot

sandra's senior session at dalton state college with alyssa rachelle photography

Dalton State Photo Shoot | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

Sandra used to live across the street from me. As I edited galleries, I’d look out my window and see her come and go several times a day as she left for school and work. I admired her work ethic and focus. Fast forward a couple years later, and I’m editing HER gallery of her senior session at Dalton State College!

This December, world’s gaining a very talented Communications Major for hire! Sandra pulled through to finish her degree despite the coronavirus pandemic and all the changes and hoopla that came with it. She’s not getting the opportunity to walk down the aisle to pomp and circumstance with her peers, but she’ll be celebrating with her loved ones who have supported her through this season of her life.

I feel so lucky to have gotten to celebrate with you, Sandra, through your senior session! Thanks for showing me around Dalton State College and braving some chilly wind. (We totally should’ve stoped at your campus’ Starbucks. Why didn’t I think of that then?!) I still die of laughter every time I think about the daily college “cat e-mail.” Mercy! Anyways, I hope you LOVE these previews! You’re gorgeous inside and out, really. I’m so thankful we got to do this together! <3