Rose Family Fall Limited Edition Session Previews

I’m so blessed to have friends like the Roses. They have been a HUGE part of our village since Beckett was born. Bayley walked with my family through some of the toughest times with Beckett and my postpartum anxiety. She stayed and cared for Beckett overnight so Jimmy and I could have a Benadryl-induced sleep TWO nights in a row, went to a doctors appointment with me to advocate for Beckett when my tired mind couldn’t, brought me food, lent her 5-year-old to help me wash/dry bottles, and shared her lactation knowledge and skills. God knows she did so much more, but these are just a few things that I’ll remember for the rest of time. I truly owe some of my sanity and ability to bond with Beckett to her.

So, whenever I can get the chance to photograph this sweet family, I’m on it and consider it a honor. This year’s session, I had Mr. Beckett in tow, which turned out to help win some smiles for the camera. Adelaide & Savannah have a special, sweet love for him. 🙂 Asking a two-year-old to pose is not realistic, so we had fun free playing in the leaves and other movement-type shots. It was no surprise to me that they ALL photograph so well. I mean, just look at these previews! Also, make sure to scroll all the way through to the end to read the most precious, funny statement made to me from my future daughter-in-law! 🙂

Bayley, Josh, Adelaide, and Savannah, you four are so special to our family. We pray we are forever friends (preferably through marriage of Beckett and one of your girls, ha!). I hope you love these photos that capture what you love about this season of your lives. We love you! <3