A Recommitment at Wildwood Resort & Marina

A Recommitment at the Wildwood Resort & Marina I Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

Charity & David have an unreal story. During our short amount of time at the Wildwood Resort & Marina, Jimmy and learned that so much life has happened during their 18 years of marriage, including David’s five-year battle with cancer, DOUBLE bone marrow transplants, and a private adoption of their second child. Not long ago, 90% of people with David’s kind of cancer didn’t survive. But because of GOD and God’s provision through modern medicine, David is here today pastoring a church, serving as a public servant, and savoring his life with his wife and two children. Unreal.

I’m sure that I know so little of what is surely a magnitudinal story full of unbelievable, awe-inspiring detail. But what we know is enough to reconfirm our faith in the Lord and be inspired by David & Charity’s unconditional love for each other. It makes sense to me why David wanted to surprise her with a gesture of recommitment and appreciate for their love and family.

David, his grade-school aged daughter, I worked together to keep the secret and thoughtfully plan out the proposal. David took Charity “glamping” prior to our time together and told her that they would be having a nice dinner at the Wildwood Resort & Marina later. This was partly true, ha! Though they were going to eat at the marina later, we surprised Charity with a portrait session before dinner. (David knew that Charity would probably happy cry when he proposed, so he knew that we needed to start out our time with portraits before his proposal. Smart guy!) Also, can we talk about how good these two looked for having been glamping?!

Prior to their arrival, Jimmy and I had scoped out all the spots we wanted to hit and where we wanted to do the proposal. So, we worked our way around the gorgeous property during portrait time and ended our time on the state’s longest boardwalk! Who knew that would be in small Granville, Tennessee?! At first, the lighting was a bit direct and harsh, but just as I was getting myself and Jimmy in place, clouds came over and diffused the light to beautifully! It looked dreamy!!!

David dropped to his knee and Charity immediately starting happy crying. Being a part of this moment was truly a privilege. We got a couple more portraits and captures of the ring, and then BAM, the clouds left and the direct, hard light came back! I truly believe God provided for us in those moments! Such a surreal experience for all of us!

Oh my goodness, I’m realizing that this is getting really long. I really could go on and on about their story, how sweet they were to us, and about our time together, but I’d rather you spend your time looking at these previews of our time together. You don’t need words to SEE their love for each other.

David & Charity, you two were just who WE needed to meet during this season of our lives. It’s funny how God worked that out all through photography! You have inspired us and reignited a blaze in our faith. Thank you for sharing your story and love with us. Most of all, thank you for trusting us to capture this special day. We hope you love these previews!


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