Emilie’s Senior Session Previews

I met Emilie for the first time two years ago when I photographed her sister, Elena’s, high school senior session. SOMEHOW enough time has gone by for it to be Emilie’s turn! Funny enough, Emilie’s session date was EXACTLY two years after from Elena’s session. To. The. Day. Ha!

It was so cool to get to reconnect with the Leyssens family in this way. 🙂 I’ve always enjoyed photographing senior session, because they’re excitement for the next season of life is so infectious! My time with Emilie was no different. I loved hearing about her dream of being a peadiatric cardiologist and the paths she’s chosen to help her get there. I can tell that each decision Emilie makes is thoughtfully considered, and that she’s already made a BIG impact on the world, and her future won’t be any different.

Emilie, I hope you enjoy these previews of your session. I had a blast getting to know you more, trying not to slip in sludge, and laughing with you. I can’t wait to reconnect in a few years to hear how things are going. Please don’t be a stranger! <3

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